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June 4, 2004. We have started a new restoration program now that Cork depot has got water and power. The first to undergo this was 1179 and you can see from the photo the way she is gleaming. the inside is the same and we will show it in a few days. We also gave her a good run. Compare this photo with one below showing her before she was buffed and polished.

And here is the other side June 3.Absolutely gleaming.

May 30, 2004. We have identified 1179 thanks to a friend in Holland John Veerkamp. He has kindly dug up her history which follows:

Nr.1179 which went to East Midlands Airport is not a standard bus as it has a wide entrance door, which was very rare on these Leylands.

These were new to Nefkens of Amersfoort. Nefkens sold out to VAD in 1983. And two of the 20 buses were sold by VAD in September 1989 to NEBIM for export, so together with the other VAD buses mentioned earlier!

Private operator Nefkens had been running the city services in Amersfoort with its greyish blue buses since shortly after World War II. Since the mid 1950's they standardised on Leyland buses. On January 1, 1983, the company sold out to regional operator VAD.

The last 20 buses bought by Nefkens were standard regional buses in city bus-layout. They had bodywork by Den Oudsten and two wide doors. They were the only Leyland standard buses to have full length glass windows in the doors and open grills in the front.

The chassis were built by Leyland Belgium to the design developed by Verheul in 1967, though with a shortened wheelbase. After the Verheul factory burnt down in December 1970, the same chassis had been assembled by Den Oudsten as Leyland-Den Oudsten LOB (12-meter) and LOK (10 meter). However, these were only available to Dutch Railways subsidairy companies. This explains why private operator Nefkens turned to Leyland Belgium. The LVB used the components of the Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster but was built to a semi-integral design. The designation LVB 668 stood for Leyland-Verheul Bus 6-meter wheelbase, 680-engine. Verheul built a few buses with a 5-meter wheelbase which, logically, were called LVB 568. Leyland Belgium apparently did not know where the designation stood for and simply called them LVB668, even though the Nefkens ones had a shorter wheelbase to accomodate the wide entrance door and a shorter overall length. Nefkens bought 20 of these buses. Numbers 41-48 in 1976, 49-50 in 1977, 51-54 in 1979 and 55-60 in 1980. They were blue with grey skirts and white upper parts. The various series had different capacities and seat models. When taken over by VAD the numbers were increased by 1700 to form the series 1741-1760 and the buses were repainted standard yellow, with grey skirts and white upper parts.

VAD disposed of the first two buses of this series in September 1989 when they were sold to Volvo-dealer NEBIM, who at the same time bought another 23 VAD Leyland buses which were sold to Leyland England. The other ex Nefkens buses were disposed of later.

The two buses sold in 1989 were:

VAD 1742 (ex Nefkens 42), Leyland LVB668 chnr 7505399 -Den Oudsten body nr 5874, built 1976, registration 31-15-PB VAD 1748 (ex Nefkens 48), Leyland LVB668 chnr 7505405 -Den Oudsten body nr 5880, built 1976, registration 30-09-PB

Number 1755 has become a museumbus in the Netherlands.

We plan to restore either 1178 or 1179 to its Dutch yellow livery of which we have pictures. The other will remain in Servisair colours. We also hope to get a third shortly.

We plan to send 1179 to Mogeely Rally maybe with 1178 as well.

1179 was out for a run today. Started on the button.

May 21, 2004. 1179 made it safely to Cork arriving this morning on the Swansea Cork Ferry.
The driver for 1178 never turned up. She will come over now during the week.
Following are photos of the trip.
Late news is that 1179 seems older than we thought and we now think 1975. This seems to make sense as she is like an M underneath which were 1971.
Michael and Andy Cooper with 1179 on the right and the two Bendibuses on the left.
Location is East Midlands Airport, Castle Donington.
Derek Wright of Servisair who gave us great help.

Off Side - Is it Really? (She is Left Hooker) - of 1179.

Near Side of 1179

Rear of 1179

The Grille.

Drivers Cab

Interior complete with some useful things for depot.

At Cork Airport

Being passed by a VC at Cork Airport.

At Cork Airport Business Park Entrance

En route to Cherry Orchard at Riverstown.
Tucked away safely in Cherry Orchard.