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KR9 is an Bombardier DAF engined Bombardier.

The following are her details:

Registration Number: EZV 9
Chassis Make: Bombardier
Chassis Model: KR Chassis No.:
Body Make : Bombardier
Body Model: N type
Body Number:
Engine: DAF
Engine Number:
Seating: B45F
Date service entry:

Originally Delivered to: Bus Eireann
As Fleet No. KR 9


February 1, 2010. The restoration of KR 9 by Stephen Payne and Christy Power is nothing short of a miracle. Christy did all the work on it and its condition is a tribute to him and his workmanship.

People do not realise the amount of work in restoring a vehicle of this type and this is the first of our Bombardiers to be so treated. We gave only about twelve more to do! To give an idea of what was involved we have the following photographs since she was retired up to her full restoration including her subsequent visits around Dublin. I should say that none of the photos are mine and the museum is very grateful to all the individuals who actually took them.

We did not know what to do with her when we got her and this was how she came from Skibbereen. Her engine was poor and the gearbox knackered.

Standard Drivers Area.

Another View.

Here is a picture of her in service in Cork in March 2000 by which time she had become a school bus.
She was retired to Mallow in 2001. She was photographed two years later at Mallow.

In April 2004 she went to Capwell And another photo at Capwell before delivery to the museum. In April 2008 she had been at the museum for some years and looked like this. Here she is ready to go to Dublin for restoration with Stephen and Christy. We do not know what to do with her.

Standard Drivers Area.

Another View.

On arrival at Dublin depot.

Then the hard work started. The original inside looked like this.

Strip the Inside.

Looking the other way.

Then the new seats arrive.


Next the drivers area.

Looking Front.

Back of the wayfarer.


Christy at the wheel.

This was the roof.

Christy getting ready.

Christy Painting.

The result.

Next the back.

Then the side.

Followed by the rear.

Side detail is important.

Ready to leave the paintshop.

In the Yard.

Rear View.

Next the engine. Also following are different angles of the engine compartmemnt.

Approaching Powerscourt.

At Powerscourt.

In Broadstone.

Another view.

Looks quite at home.

Leaving Broadstone for BusAras.

At Busaras.

Just like it used to be.

In O'Connell Street on December 23, 2009.

Another view.


Unbelievable. Outside the GPO with KC 48 behind. This was 2009 not 1999.

Mark Byrne at the wheel.

On its way to Cork.

A lovely sepia picture.

Back at the depot alongside a leaning CVH1 with a airbag down.

We cannot say how proud we are of the work done by Christy Power. I never thought that we would be able to do the above photos. It is a wonderful record. And thanks to Mark Phibbs for bringing KC 48 along. If fine weather comes back we will try and do some more. Updated February 5, 2010