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We were fortunate to arrive in the town of Guamote during one of its celebrated fairs. Because of the interest we have a special article on this fair. The people come down from the mountains with their produce and sell it mainly in open stalls. It is extremely colourful as the photos show. And right in the middle of it all our autoferro 97 had to go through the centre of it.

No sooner had it got through and they out everything back when the steam train turned up and there must have been some cooked fruit as it hissed its way through the fair liberally steam cooking fruit, vegetables and anything else that it passed alongside. It was a wonderful experience.

We started by leading in with the railcar and the steam train followed twenty minutes behind. This was the view of the main street alias railway station alias fairground as we approached. The loop is equally busy!

Closeup of the track as our TGV approaches.

Grab a guinea pig as you go by!

Its colourful!

Need a hat?

Indian colour match the stall!

Shoe stand in the middle of the main line.

Anything and everything.

Believe it or not, the right hand legs of the stall are on the right rail of the track.

A small trader!

The meat stall.

All clear as the autoferro approaches.

A mobile stall.

Move the stall fast, the train is coming!

The Wellington stall!

Modern Plastic Boxes have made their appearance!

How about buckets, bowls or pots?

The local restaurant.

Looking at the condition of the track you cannot blame them for not expecting a train!

What a collection!

Lunch anyone?

I am not sure I would call it appetising!

Colourful indeed.

Is it a P.S.V.? Is it a goods Vehicle? Or should it be taxed as private?

Move that fruit and fast unless you want squashed orange!

What you might call a tight clearance!

Bananas of every kind.

The local bus a Hino as are most in Ecuador.

And the local sheep surveys it all and wonders what is going on!


Local Lady.

Get the thing off the tracks. The train is coming!


The local sheep transporter.

Their faces say it all.

Grassy Bicycle! .

Full dress!

Local Transport.

Typical View. Nobody in a hurry!

Nicely Decorated Bed.

Loading the bus.

Bus Station. Note Autoferro in background.

Wheelbarrows or piping anyone?

Lunch Break.


And pig.

Colourful clothes.


Cut thy neighbour!

Mobile Canteen.

What a collection. They obviously believe in locks.

Not to mention CD's, DVD's and Videos.

Radios and DVD Players to go with same.

Its called a set of points in case yoyu did not know!

The steam train has come to the fair!

Right down the street.

Approaching the stalls.

Not much clearance.

I think something is going to get squashed.

Fair from the top of the train.

And of course we have to do our shunting.

Its sit anywhere you like.

Or stand anywhere you like, if you are an animal.

Standard Coupling.

Finally ready to go and away we are!

Gilberto the autoferro driver has being doing this for 31 years

As has his partner Gonzales.