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Our Steed at Latacunga Station, probably the first train for a year.

No. 93 ready to go. Another Cummins engined Thomas bodied autoferro.

Inside Looking Back.

Inside Looking Forward.

Kitchen Area, believe it or not. This autoferro used to do the daily trip from Quito to Guayaquil taking fifteen hours so a kitchen was a good idea. .

Dash of 93. Modern by Ecuadorean standards.This car has no steering wheel. Some do, some don't.

From the rear. Roof ladder on outside.

Stationmaster demonstrating the old morse telegraph. They sued the U.S. system of train orders.

The desk untouched since the last train left, over a year ago.

Our good natured driver who put up with a lot, especially me!

Track was pretty rotten.

As no more trains likely ever again why not lay the water pipe across the track?

Unfortunately it has to be moved.

Track gets worse.

And Worse.

Mt. Cotopaxi hoves into sight.

Not a good day but it illustrates the countryside. We are within thirty miles of Quito.

93 and its crew at El Blioiche. This is the station for Mt. Cotopaxi and tourist buses meet the trains here and take them to the volcano.

One of the trains is the local mixto seen here arriving.

Power is the local Alsthom 2401.

All aboard. This believe it or not is a station stop.

A keyless switch!

En Route to Quito.

First No. 93 arrives in Machachi.

Followed by the mixto.

This, believe it or not, is another Station Stop! I wondder what Health and Safety would have to say about this.

Wonder when this car last went anywhere but you can never tell the dead from the dying in Ecuador..

The inside.

This horse prefers the railway line.

When the railway declined so did the villages.

Approaching Tambillo the buses play chicken.

The mixto arriving in Tambillo. There were about 300 people on it - all upper class!

Quick, get the rbakes on!

The other Circus Wagon - owned and oeprated by Metropolitan Touring Company of Quito - is here. It also is Cummins engined.

An immaculate inside.

And dash.

The makers plate - Arma of Ambato.