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This page has not gone in yet but is being prepared. Estimated date for insertion September 5, 2005.


This article on Ecuador Railways should be unique and will cover sections which have no service of any kind. It is divided into sections.

The first section will be the Duran to Yaguachi section which has no services of any kind, is in appalling condition but which the author in the last few weeks was lucky enough to be able to travel on a special trip with Steam Engine No. 11 and an autoferro. The pictures are only amazing, even though I say it myself.

The next sections are Bucay to Huigra, again without any service, Riobamba to Devils Nose, Alausi to Guamote and Guamote to Quito via Urbina Summit. It is worth waiting for. With luck I hope also to include te Ibarra to Primer Paso section on the San Lorenzo Line.

Ecuador Railways are one of the most fascinating in the world and fighting for survival and may well close at the end of the year. The scenery is utterly fantastic as they climb the Andes. I will start putting the pictures in shortly but there is a lot of work as on this trip I took over 2,000 pictures. It is also probably the last set that will ever be taken as my trip was believed to be the last ever.