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This Rally was held in glorious sunshine on April 23, 2005. It was well attended and the following are photos taken at it.

Star of the Show - naturally - Lothian 467 which made the trip from Edinburgh only that morning. Owned by Francis Dempsey.

Mark Phipps immaculate KC 48 - a real credit to him. He did an amazing amount of work with it and restored it to its original condition superbly. This vehicle had been redone to single door and he has restored it to the original dual door condition. Great credit is due to him as this is a real complicated piece of work.

Mark and the vehicle.

Arguably the star of the show - a superb leyland Tiger.


Drivers Cab - absolutely immaculate.

Another contender for the star of the show title - a superb Guy.

Paul Haughey with his immaculately turned out Bristol RE 2589.

Des Willis's lovely Bombardier KCS 202 with Cummins L10 engine.

Declan Hendron's wonderfully preserved C 178, a Leyland Leopard.

A locally preserved Atlantean in excellent condition. It has an Alexander (Belfast) body and is worth comparing with Lothian 467 above which has an Alexander (Falkirk) body. There is very little resemblance between them!

Dublin Bus 99 D 612.

Dublin Bus 92 D 138.

Look at this for a collection. If anyone deserves tribute then John Montgomery of Translink does as he more than anyone has moved mountains to see so many preserved.

Ulsterbus Bristol RELL6G 2441.

Citybus Bristol RE6LLG 2415.

Ulsterbus Bristol RE 2599.

Ulsterbus Bristol RELL6G 2444 .

Ulsterbus Tiger 370.

Bristol RE 2533.

Another star of the show. Ulsterbus AEC 6234 EZ restored by Ulsterbus.


The cab.

Ulsterbus Van Hool Goldliner Bendi-bus 3113.

Wright 66818 for First on Volvo chassis.

The inside.

The cab.

Scania Irizar TCZ 2471 for Francey.

A beautiful Jonckheere for Corporate Coaching BSU 76.

Just look at the inside.

Not to mention the cab.

Volvo 2975 in Metro livery.

Wright WVL 161 registration LX 05 FBZ for London Transport.

A Sunsundegui Sideral 05 LH 3251 for Halfpenny Transport.

Albion schoolbus DIB 2407.

Its modern equivalent Mercedes FNZ 3317.

Mercedes schoolbus NXZ 4328 with Iveco schoolbus JKZ 5839.

Two Mercedes Flexibuses OCZ 8004 and IBZ 3051.

Munros Mercedes Y668 BKS .

A final look at a lineup. Lothian 467 is on the right and after the rally she went to Cork having come from Edinburgh that morning.